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Cleaners
Drapery & Window Treatment Cleaning
Home Services

Rey’s OnSite Technicians are trained and insured to clean any type of window treatment or covering fabric in a host of configurations right where it hangs!

  • Fabric Testing – Many textiles used in at-home furnishings are not pre-shrunk nor color fast, thus fabric testing is essential in order to know how to best treat the fabric.
  • Avoiding Shrinkage – Professional cleaning using dry-side & wet-side cleaning methods
  • Decorative Embellishments handled with great care
  • Stain & Odor Removal Allergen Reduction​​ (i.e. mold, pollen, other allergens & insects)
  • Dust Removal
  • Maintain Appearance of your drapes & silhouettes
  • Improve Longevity Longevity
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