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tr5, rs, vu, v, Wedding Gown & Heirloom Restoration - Rey's Dry Cleaners
Wedding Gown & Heirloom Restoration
deluxe services

The suit or dress you wear on your wedding day is more than just an item of clothing… it holds a memory. As such, it deserves to be treated and preserved with exceptional care.

Rey’s specializes in one-of-a-kind pieces thanks to:

  • Thorough inspection process to select the best cleansing method for the fabrics and embellishments used.
  • Stains are pre-treated and attended to by one of our Master Dry Cleaners.
  • Final finishing and inspection process is completed.
  • Gown is hand-packed in an acid- and lignon-free museum-qualitypreservation box, wrapped with a cotton dust cover and secured with a ribbon for storage.

To preserve your special day’s memory, trust Rey’s for your garment cleaning in Miami.

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