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Dry Cleaners
Organic Wash & Fold
Deluxe services

Rey’s Cleaners Wash & Fold Service is the freshest and healthiest way to have your washable items cleaned.

Wash & Fold Service is $3.50/lb with a minimum of $35 per pick-up order.

Wash & fold items include clothing, sheets, pillowcases, and towels.

Physical Bag (Small or Large)

*one time fee

Small Bag of Wash & Fold

Like 1.5 loads of convenience or 15 lbs of laundry

Large Bag of Wash & Fold

Like 3 loads of convenience or 30 lbs of laundry

* All proceeds of the physical bag will go to

Give us a call at 786.235.0795 or request a pick-up now!

Make sure to mention that you are interested in our Wash & Fold service.

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