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5, mcw, kp, a, 5m, Custom Alterations - Rey's Dry Cleaners
Custom Alterations
Deluxe services

Rey’s Cleaners offers alterations and repairs at our locations, or by in-home appointment in Palm Beach. Our experienced seamstresses and tailors can provide such services as:

  • New zippers
  • Waist adjustments (let out, take in)
  • Hem adjustments (shorten, lengthen)
  • Original hem
  • Sleeves (shortening, adjusting button placement)
  • Tapering
  • Patches
  • Reweaving (invisible, square outline)
  • Buttons (replacement or repair)
  • Embellishments
    (reinforcement of loose buttons, beds, or embroidery)
  • Special occasion and bridal gowns

And more!

Please contact us at 786.235.0795 to schedule an appointment
for your fitting and alterations.

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